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Darling was seeking to reward loyal customers of Obaa Sima and also drive sales to existing and potential customers in Kumasi.

Obaa Sima Aseda tour which touched based with the target audience and rewarding consumers for each purchase

A street float activation. Neighbourhood storm, open market and sales outlet activation. 94,988 cedis cash sales was made directly from this activation.


The 23g of Dano Milk was not well known by consumers which affected its sales in the market.

To drive sales activations in the open market targeting end users and also sampling existing and prospective consumers

A team of promoters moved from one market to the other with jet packs, sampling consumers and driving sales at a discounted price.


The new Dettol variant, Eventone, was not making enough buzz in the Ghanaian market after it had been introduced. Awareness had not been created about the variant.

To run reach potential customers at malls, homes and open markets, with neatly branded promoters to run promotional sales

  • Home seeding activation, Mall activation and Open market activation to create awareness about the product and drive sales
  • Buy a pack to get an extra bar of soap
  • Consumers get a printed copy of photos of them


Maggi was seeking to motivate their retailers in the open market to push more sales by motivating them to buy more with a loyalty Promo. Boost was tasked to come up with a tracking mechanism to yield.

To create a platform that is used to collate and track points achieved by sales and merchandising by  retailers  and reward them according to the points they achieve

Retailers were identified with ID Tags and Sales tracking booklets promoters used to key in data unto the platform. Mammies were rewarded  based on their points accumulated.


Mortein Spray was being relaunched into the Ghanaian market  after being non existent for a number a years.

To create top of mind awareness by combining Mortein with other well known products like Jik and Harpic for a lesser price and also giveaway Dettol soaps to consumers who made purchase

A float activation with skaters to share fliers and dancers to entertain the target audience, this was replicated in the open markets and neighbourhoods.


Orijin had disrupted and reinvented itself as a  “cool” drink of choice through music and  capitalizing on bonding moments using Orijinal  Beats. The challenge now was to insert Orijin into all  social bonding and occasions without losing  consumer share.

To run series of in bar promotions to educate existing and potential consumers, to sample consumers, drive sales and encourage loyalty in outlets and events

Sales promoters were placed in outlets and at events to engage & educate consumers about promotions and encourage them to make a purchase.



To amplify the launch of the new Huawei Y7 Prime and get consumers to pre order the device

To reach the youth (target audience) at Accra Mall and give them the chance to experience the device and also drive pre order sales at a discounted price

  • Constant music at the Accra Mall foodcourt
  • Neatly branded promoters engaging people
  • Afro dance performance by DWP Academy  HIGHLIGHT:
  • Medikal, Fella Makafui, DKB and Caroline were surprise acts to entertain the audience


Consumers in bars were not requesting for Jagermeister on a regular basis. T.O.M.A was low

To take good looking and sociable ladies (jagerettes) to engage consumers in bars and also create T.O.M.A.

Jagerettes offer ice cold shots to consumers to kick off the weekend.


As part of the AirtelTigo Merger Team Bonding activities, we organized a 3K Run on the Barnes road for staff to participate in and drive a health conscious Agenda.

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Marketing Manager

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testimonial-team (Demo)
Marketing Manager

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco